By Nicolas decherchi

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LA Villa bleue Cannes

At La Villa Bleue Cannes, we believe that the true magic of gastronomy lies in the perfect harmony between the exquisite flavors of our dishes and the refined wines that accompany them. Our culinary philosophy is rooted in this constant quest for balance and elegance. Each of our dishes is meticulously crafted to highlight the freshest, most delicate ingredients, while expressing the creativity of our chef.

By Nicolas Decherchi
Food Menu

Inspired by French cuisine with Asian accents and seasonal flair, Nicolas Decherchi and his team transform themselves into creators of flavors to bring you an exceptional culinary experience.

By nicolas decherchi
Our Menu

Discover our “Rhythm of the Seasons” menu.

By Marjolaine Caillard
Desserts Menu

Our pastry chef Marjolaine Caillard shares her passion through a selection of textures and flavors for mouth-watering desserts.

By Igor Hullter
Wine List

La Villa Bleue Cannes offers a selection of wines as varied as they are delicious. The more curious can indulge in wine discoveries from all over France and beyond.

Cocktails & Boissons
Drinks Menu

Let yourself be enchanted by our bespoke cocktails, crafted to your preferences, or rediscover timeless classics. Our head bartender doesn’t just serve drinks, he enlivens your aperitifs with passion, putting on a show in addition to a tasty drink.

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